Join Redline

Cairo developer

Your role will be to write contracts and interface with other on and off chain services. You will write race contracts, tournament systems, tokens and NFT tools. Apply.

Front End developer

Your role will be to bring expertise to create and translate UI templates into smooth and responsive experiences for all users. Vue or React preferred. Apply.

UI/UX designer

Invent the UI and UX of the game, make interactive demonstrations, analyze what users are doing to improve their experience. Apply.

Technical 3D Animator

Implement a control rig and realtime full body IK in Unreal Engine 5. Experience in quadruped animation is a bonus. Apply.

Marketing content creator

You will manage, interact and create content for our social media channels. Apply.


If the roles don't quite match what you're looking for, feel free to apply to us with an open application ❤️